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Byzantine Icons

Byzantine Icons are the sacred, visual and spiritual treasures of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Faith. Byzantine painting was one of the most significant achievements of art and culture.
The word Icon comes from the Greek Eikon, meaning image.
Portable icons are usually painted on wood depicting Jesus, Mary, Angels, Saints or stories from the Bible, and other Christian sources.
The first icon is said to have been painted by Apostle Loukas, with the guidance of God, and illustrated Maria, mother of God, holding Christ.
Since the first century images/icons have been painted, with the traditional art of Monks, in Catacombs, Churches, and Monasteries.


Rallou Lioliou Koussis, is a Greek of diaspora , coming from the island of Lesvos, where her parents met coming from different parts of the civilized world. Her father, from Konstaninoupoli, was the son of a famous gold embroidery artist, in the court of the Sultan. Her mother, from Alexandria, of extraordinary beauty and education, was playing the piano and loved the Italian Opera. Her Grandmother, from White Russia, brought the romantic melancholy of her country. She studied painting and graphic design, in major schools of arts in Athens. Lately, she was enchanted by Hagiography, and studied the specific Original Byzantine painting, which followed the tradition of Monk Masters. She participated in many exhibitions, and works in restoration of icons too.
Today, Rallou has re-created a number of original Byzantine icons and works constantly on new themes and inspirations.

Byzantine Painting

Byzantine painting follows a special Painting art, as created by the first Great Masters during the period of the Byzantine Empire. Icons are painted on selected pieces of wood, especially treated even on the back side, with beeswax and natural perfumes like rose, Lebanon or jasmine. Sometimes, on old pieces of treated birch wood or hand carved wood with beautiful engraved religious designs.
The campus of the icon is mostly worked with Leaves of 24 carat Gold, and only natural plant or mineral colours are mixed for the painting with the method of egg tempera.